The Lynchcliffe Chronicles trilogy


Welcome to Lynchcliffe Park, official online home of The Lynchcliffe Chronicles historical fiction trilogy. Here you will find everything you need to know about the characters and the world they inhabit.

The Lynchcliffe Chronicles Vol 1 Mis en Scene is currently available to buy on Kindle (for PC).  It is set in 1912 around the sinking of the Titanic and is a tale of love, friendship, loyalties, secrets and murder.

The Lynchcliffe Chronicles Vol 2 The Enemy Within is set during the dark days of the first World War (Which started in 1914 for Brits and Europeans). The story is altogether darker dealing with issues such as marital infidelity, psychologcal effects of war, shell shock, betrayal, twilight years romance and first sexual experience following widowhood. You can read the first 18 chapters by following the link to the book on the Authonomy Writer’s Community website.  This volume is now available on Kindle including an extra feature, a sexed up edition of chapter 12 plus reading group notes and discussion ideas.

The Lynchcliffe Chronicles Vol 3 : Making Peace with the Past is a work in progress. It seeks to resolve all the main characters’ emotional and practical issues in order to bring the trilogy to a satisfactory conclusion.  Will Thomas Frazer ever be able to lay his late wife’s memory to rest and find new love? Will Hdelena Lynchcliffe finally find peace concerning the falling out with her sister, Celia Trevelyan, who drowned on the Titanic? Will Franklin ever open up to Margaret about his past?  I am bypassing authonomy on this one but it will be available on kindle soon. The book takes us up to early 1920.


6 Responses to The Lynchcliffe Chronicles trilogy

  1. lynchcliffe says:

    Looks like being a great trilogy and just my kind of book. Keep up the great work

  2. Orma Moore says:

    Hi Melanie. It’s a really fantastic website you’ve got. Very proffessional looking. I’ve clicked follow you. You want to join mine!

  3. Downton Abbey, move over. Here’s The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo trilogy…

  4. Melanie G says:

    Keep at it, you’re doing really well. Looking forward to the paperbacks!

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