Cops and the villains

As with all historical sagas The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo series has its Law enforcement heroes and its villains. Let’s meet some of those that you will encounter along the way.


DI DAVID BOLTON of the Yard is a mature sensible man whose lack of imagination is compensated by DS Flagg’s keen enthusiasm for the job. Bolton is a Yorkshire man in his mid to late forties and married with three sons who may or may not follow his career path. He is dependable and is impressed with the co-operation of the Lynchclife household in solving the murder.

DS JOHN FLAGG of the Yard is an enthusiastic raw recruit from the Met and this is only his second murder investigation so he has not yet witnessed an execution by hanging. (The killer in the first died in prison before getting to the noose). Flagg is in his thirties and very enthusiastic and imaginative. He has the makings of a great detective. He falls for Sarah Lynchcliffe almost straight off but is professional enough to keep personal feelings at bay until after the execution when he asks Michael’s permission to court his sister. However John has an unpleasant secret which comes to light in vol 2 with tragic and unforseen consequences.

CONSTABLE DRISCOLL is the police constable local to Lynchcliffe Park. He is a family man and he is drafted in to help with the investigation. Driscoll is shocked by the murder scene as he has never seen so much blood before.


VISCOUNT PIERS SAXHILL is an old school friend of Michael’s. His father was killed in a mining accident when he was fifteen and shortly after his mother died of a laudanum overdose. They did not have the money so a relative paid for him to attend the local school where he won a scholarship to Eton as a boarder. Saxhill is unpleasant and taunts Margaret with her passion for Franklin. Saxhill only wants Margaret for her inheritance but she is smart enough to turn down his marriage proposal and wiould have done even had Franklin not been in her heart. Marcus and Michael see him off but he will return in vol 2 a changed man but not where it matters deeo down.

KATIE THOMAS is the spiteful kitchen maid who never forgave FRanklin for warning his nephew (who later died on RMS Titanic) not to date her. She is lazy and spiteful and a real trial for Jenkins and Mrs Halliwell. She ends up on the end of the rope after using as many delay tactics as she can think of.

DONALD THOMPSON ‘s only real crime is being a bit slow and laid back which leads him to murder and onto the end of a rope.



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