Cuckoo Contest

To celebrate the imminent release of The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Volume 1: Mise en Scène I have decided to give away a free signed copy to one lucky person.

To be in with a chance of winning comment on this blog post telling me why you think you deserve a copy.  The most original answer on the closing date of Friday 6th July 2012. Only comments made here will count. No Face Book comments or Twitter direct messages will be considered.

Owing to the book’s adult content PLEASE DO NOT enter if you are under 18.

When a new mother tragically dies within hours of giving birth, her grief-stricken widower places his daughter, Margaret, up for adoption with his childless employers, Lord and Lady Trevelyan and she grows up little realising that her real father is a mere servant on Lord Trevelyan’s estate

 When Lord and Lady Trevelyan are declared missing, presumed dead as a result of the tragedy of RMS Titanic Margaret is thrown on the mercy of relatives she had never met or heard of owing to a long standing estrangement between Lady Trevelyan and her younger sister, Lady Lynchcliffe.

 Margaret falls passionately in love with Lewis Franklin, the Lynchcliffe family’s lowly chauffeur.  As a result of a spiteful grudge held by a kitchen maid secrets emerge and lead to murder. Now aware of her true origins in life, Margaret must make sense of things and work out whether or not she and Franklin can ever hope to have a future together.

So enter today to be in with a chance to win a signed copy of this historical adult romance.

THE COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. The lucky winner is GERRY McCULLOUGH and a pristine copy of The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Volume 1: Mise en Scène will be winging its way to her very soon. Congratulations Gerry


Gerry McCullough with her prize


9 Responses to Cuckoo Contest

  1. I would love to win a copy of the book, as I have two teenage sons who are always on the laptop, which is annoying when I want to read the copy I downloaded. Also, I think the cover photo would look lovely in my bookshelf!

  2. gerrymccullough says:

    I have a copy which I downloaded, but there’s something special about a paperback, isn’t there? Especially as I don’t have a Kindle, just a Kindle app, so I can only read downloaded books while sitting at my computer, rather than curled up in an armchair or in bed!

  3. I would like a SIGNED copy of The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Volume 1: Mise en Scène because I know the author as someone who has tried their best to help others without ever asking for anything in return.
    Which is also the reason I’m going to share your link until Friday 🙂

  4. Andy Szpuk says:

    I’d like to win because WOW! The plot has more twists and turns than the world-renowned ‘Spaghetti’ junction in the City of Birmingham (UK).

  5. Well done Gerry ! 🙂

  6. Wow! I’ve won! Thanks heaps, Mel – really looking forward to reading this in paperback.
    And thanks, Reggie for your congratulations.

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