Dragonfly Press Launch


I recently decided to jump on the bandwagon of author friends who have launched their own Self Publishing banners.

I wanted to select something that reflected what I am trying to do with the Lynchcliffe series.

Since the series is dedicated to the memory of my late partner, David, I wanted to somehow include him so I selected a favourite photo of his. Dragonflies are delicate and beautiful creatures yet probably have incredible strength. Furthermore they are carefree and I don’t mind whether people like my books or not since I have established my own small fan base.

My friend, John Holt, designed this Dragonfly Press logo for me.

 All my Kindle books have been republished under the Dragonfly Press name. They will be free from 23 – 24 September as part of a Facebook event to commemorate the fourth anniversary of David’s death.  You can find the links at  https://lynchcliffe.wordpress.com/lynchcliffe-kindle-store/

I am considering republishing my paperbacks on lulu.com but it will take some thought considering I would need to buy a new set of proof copies and I’m not exactly flush right now or at any time. One day my Lotto numbers will come up. Ooh a pig just flew past!

 I also use a black and white version inside the paperbacks I have published on Lulu under the Dragonfly Press banner. Scenarios Vol I: Courage of Conviction & Scenarios Vol II: Making Amends. This is because otherwise Lulu would charge a small fortune for the books just for a small use of colour ink inside the book.


I plan to update my Amazon Author Central profile to include Dragonfly Press. You currently find me there at amazon.com/author/Lynchcliffe.

All in all I hope that the name of Dragonfly Press will make my self-publishing journey seem more professional and be more successful.


David Raymond Thomas 26th September 1952 – 23 September 2008.


7 Responses to Dragonfly Press Launch

  1. John Holt says:

    Hi Mel
    Well done 10 out of 10. I hope that it does well for you

  2. tricia says:

    It’s a smart move to use your own self-publishing banner as well as a fitting tribute to David. Your series is a lovely way to express the love you shared.

  3. The only thing I can contribute is to suggest that you use Createspace rather than Lulu. Based upon my personal experience, Createspace’s lower costs and user-friendly site will enable you to produce your books and sell them at prices that will make permit you to actually make some money and allow more readers to buy them. Best of luck! 🙂

    • Hi Joe. Thanks for your comment. I own a few Createspace paperbacks and find them to be of far less superior quality to Lulu ad I have heard of people whose books have fallen to pieces but I will give it some thought when I publish the next DI Lyle book.

  4. I think that may have been true when Createspace was in its infancy, however I haven’t heard any negatives lately.

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