Eye of the Storm: Lewis Franklin’s Story

Eye of the Storm has been published to Kindle.



View Eye of the Storm: Lewis Franklin’s Story book promotion video here.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlTTxS6pvDY&feature=g-upl

Warning:  This book is not suitable for children and young adults as it contains adult material as well as dealing with adult themes such as domestic abuse and violence, illegitimacy, suicide, and the varying response to the death of loved ones.


When his father and brother drown at sea, nineteen-year-old Lewis Franklin is forced to grow up fast as he faces the new challenges and responsibilities of looking after his widowed mother, Anna, sister in law, Alice, and infant nephew, Daniel.

Before Anna Franklin dies she makes Lewis promise that he will make something of his life and once tragedy reunites Alice with her estranged mother, Joan, he sets out to fulfil that promise.

In London, Lewis befriends retired merchant sea-man, Abraham “Abe” Fleming, and the two men forge a bond of friendship that matures through the years much as Lewis becomes a hero to his nephew, Daniel, as the boy grows to manhood. Lewis is forced to learn some of life’s harsher lessons, yet retains his dignity and spirit throughout.

This is a tale of the enduring friendship between men and women as they suffer loss, discover dark secrets and survive the harsh realities of life in the late Victorian era.

Lewis Franklin is the hero of the popular Lynchcliffe Cuckoo series and this story answers unasked questions about his life pre Lynchcliffe Park and what made him the man he became in his search for an elusive all-consuming passionate love affair.

For fans of the series hero this volume is an unmissable chance to find out about his  early life and his first love and everything they could want to know.

You can read the first 18 chapters on Authonomy



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