Interview with Irene Lambert

Once again, thanks to cyberspace, I am able to travel back in time to the summer of 1912 to interview lady’s maid Irene Lambert.

Me:  Thanks for sparing me some of your valuable time Miss Lambert

Irene: (smiles) You’re welcome.

Me: You’ve been maid to Margaret Trevelyan for quite a long time now?

Irene: Yes. Margaret’s adoptive mother, Lady Trevelyan, hired me when Margaret was thirteen. She wanted Margaret to have a maid who could befriend her and who could tell her the truth about her origins if she and Lord Trevelyan were unable to do so.

Me: That’s a big responsibility?

Irene: Yes. My mother and the late Dr Merrifield had every confidence in me though. They told me everything before I agreed to accept the position.

Me: Has it been a difficult secret to keep?

Irene: In the early days and when we were in Paris it wasn’t so difficult but when she came to Lynchcliffe Park after Lord and Lady Trevelyan died on the Titanic it got tougher especially when it became obvious how she felt about Mr Franklin. Of course she and the Lynchcliffe’s believed that he was beneath her socially but because I knew different it was a huge strain. Thankfully she knows now.

Me: Did you have a good upbringing?

Irene: Yes, we were loved. I have two brothers and four sisters only one of whom is older than me. My mother, Maria, was present when Margaret was born and when her mam died. My father, Frank, was an estate worker on Lord Trevelyan’s estate but after Trevelyan Towers was wound up they moved to work on another estate in Devon. Midwives are always in demand as are men like my father who are hard working.

Me: Do you think you will ever get married?

Irene: (Blushes) I would really like to one day as I love children and want to have one of my own. I tend to prefer younger men, probably because of my mother’s profession and because I helped with my younger brother and sisters. Sadly the man on whom my heart is set is not likely to ever look twice at me. Why would Lord Lynchcliffe look at a maid? The only thing we have in common is that we saw his father’s bloodied corpse and I don’t consider that a positive bond on which to forge a relationship of any kind.

Me: Lord Marcus Lynchcliffe’s murder must have been difficult?

Irene; Yes it was. Mr Jenkins and I found him and we certainly were not prepared for what we saw when we turned the study light on. Her Ladyship is finding it really hard but I dare to hope that one day she will find someone else.

Me: Who is your closest friend and/or confidante?

Irene: I would have to say Margaret and my mother although I don’t see her that often.

Me: What are your future plans?

Irene: Well, Margaret and Mr Franklin are getting married in September and I’m to be a bridesmaid. Beyond that I’m not sure although I am content here.

Me: Well thank you for your time and you never know, you and His Lordship might get together one day.

Irene: Maybe, for now I have only hope and that is faint.

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