Interview with Lord Michael Lynchcliffe



Once again I am back in time in  the winter of 1919 interviewing Lord Michael Lynchcliffe.

Me:  I am privileged that you could spare me some of your valuable time Lord Lynchcliffe.

Lord Lynchcliffe: You are welcome.

Me: You seem to have had a very difficult time these last few years?

Lord Lynchcliffe: Yes. My father being murdered was the start of it. I am glad I spared my mother and sister the pain of having to identify him formally but I still have nightmares about it sometimes. There was so much blood.  The household was deeply affected by it. We have loyal servants who respected my father greatly and Jenkins served my grandfather, Lord, Jeremiah Lynchcliffe, as well as he has been with us his entire adult life. I was deeply worried about my mother for a long time but she has Dr George now for which I’m extremely grateful plus she now has made peace with her sister, Lady Trevelyan.

Me: I understand you did not react too favourably to the idea of your mother and Dr George being together at first.

Lord Lynchcliffe: No I’m afraid I behaved like a spoilt child but when I thought about it I realised my father would have been glad for them for Hamish was his best friend. I had just come from the Western front which was literally hell on earth.  

Me:  How long had you been in love with Irene Lambert before you told her?

Lord Lynchcliffe: I think I noticed her pretty much straight away but bided my time. For a while we had only my father’s bloodied corpse in common and I wish to god she had never had to see that.  She reached out to me on the day when Franklin’s son, Lewis, was christened. And I ended up sobbing in her arms and we agreed to give things a chance.

Me: Irene was very supportive when you returned from the war?

Lord Lynchcliffe:  Yes she has been a rock. Shell shock is a lot to cope with,. I kept Irene awake many a night and she never complained.  I have never felt so content as I have been since I married her. She’s the most wonderful Lady Lynchcliffe I ever could have asked for and we have a beautiful son.  I finally feel at peace with my past and I know my father would be proud of me which is all any son can ask for no matter what his social class.

Me:  Do you have any regrets?

Lord Lynchcliffe: Making friends with Piers Saxhill and not telling my father how much I loved him while he was alive.

Me:  Who are your closest friends and confidantes?

Lord Lynchcliffe:  My step-father, Dr Hamish George, and my beloved wife.

Me: Well thank you so much for sparing your time.

Lord Lynchcliffe: You are welcome. (rings bell) Jenkins will show you out.


You can read about Lord Michael Lynchcliffe





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