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FULL NAME:            Lewis James Oscar Franklin

DATE OF BIRTH:                 23 March 1862

PLACE OF BIRTH:               Scarborough, North Yorkshire

HEIGHT:                                            5’10”

WEIGHT:                                           140 lb

EYES:                                     Blue-grey

HAIR:                                     Fair

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES:    Scar on left cheek

MARITAL STATUS:             Married to Margaret Franklin. One son Lewis Marcus Thomas Michael Franklin (DOB) 21 March 1913)

PET HATES:                          Hypocrisy,  violence against women.

BEST FRIEND(S):                 My wife Margaret. My best male friend Abraham “Abe” Fleming drowned in 1892.

CURRENT EMPLOYER:        Lord Michael Marcus Lynchcliffe

PREVIOUS EMPLOYERS:   Charlie Farrell, a taxi firm boss.

Sir Cecil Everett (deceased) 1882 – 1886

Sir Montagu Richmond (Now deceased)       1886 – 1893


Franklin is one of my most reliable employees; he has integrity and is easy to get along with.”                                                      Lord Marcus Jeremiah Lynchcliffe

“Franklin is a decent man and very good at his job due to his ability to make one feel at ease.”               Lady Helena Lynchcliffe

“Lewis is the most wonderful husband and father to her children that any woman could wish for and he is also my best friend. I would do anything for him.”     Margaret Franklin

“Franklin has been an indispensable friend to my family and quite honestly I don’t know where we would be without him.”                       Captain Michael Lynchcliffe

“Franklin is a reliable intelligent and pleasant young man of sound integrity. I’m very proud to have a man of his calibre in my service and I would be very sorry to lose him.”

Sir Montagu Richmond

“Lewis is a steadfast friend who will make some lucky lass a wonderful husband.He is the closest thing I have ever had to a son and therefore I love him as such. He always puts others first and is loyal.”

Abraham “Abe” Fleming.

“My uncle Lewis is a wonderful person and everyone likes him. He is brave and compassionate. I see him as my hero. I love him for he has been like a father to me.”

Daniel Franklin.

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4 Responses to Lewis Franklin fan Club page

  1. Sarah Monaghan says:

    Lewis Franklin has calm self assurance. He feels comfortable in his own skin and his place in the world. He is the sort of man to let his woman shine. He smiles as all others admire, knowing that come the night she is his alone.

    He is a character who stays alive for you long after you have finished reading the book.

    I hope one day to meet my own Lewis Franklin.

  2. The more I read about Melanie’s amazing hero, Lewis Franklin, the more impressed I am by his integrity and courage. He’s the type of man who isn’t afraid to fight for the underdog, stand up for justice, or express his emotions to the people he loves. I’d love to say more, but I don’t want to give away the story. All I can say is….READ THE BOOKS!

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