Lynchcliffe brand re-launch



As some of my writer friends may know I have recently experienced an extremely difficult period with regard to the Lynchcliffe series in general. My characters had stopped talking to me and eventually I began to conclude I had tried to do too much too soon and to be honest I was quite prepared to take all the books out of circulation and give up on them.

I haven’t been inactive with regard to writing though; I have discovered a flair for Downton Abbey fan fiction and still intend to do this from time to time whenever I feel pressure building Lynchcliffe-wise. I have met some great writers and made friends through this so I do not consider it time wasted. If you are interested you can read my Downton Abbey stories at.

Being the hopeless romantic I am pinned to variations on a theme concerning the delectable Sir Anthony Strallan (brilliantly played by the very lovely Robert Bathurst) and Lady Edith Crawley (equally brilliantly played by Laura Carmichael).

This period of distance; as well as encouraging messages from friends NOT to give up has prompted me to re-launch the Lynchcliffe trilogy. Few people ever got the “cuckoo” aspect so I am renaming the series The Lynchcliffe Chronicles; the series is not exclusively about Margaret and Lewis Franklin although their romance and subsequent marriage and parenthood is central to the plot. It is a story of a household facing the turbulence of historical change wrought by the sinking of RMS Titanic, the First World War and the Spanish flu pandemic and I feel this is more clearly reflected in the new title. We face loss, love, betrayal and all kinds of turbulent emotions through the series and characters as they deal with what life throws at them.

The short story volumes will remain as they are as will the two existing prequel novels Eye of the Storm: Lewis Franklin’s Story and Divided Loyalties: Lady Lynchcliffe’s Story. I have not had any serious criticism concerning these volumes so either people have not read them or they like them. Eye of the Storm remains my personal favourite and I still believe it to be the best I have written.

I am currently preparing to re-issue Vol 1 under the title The Lynchcliffe Chronicles Vol 1 Mise en Scène.  It should be available on Kindle later this week and a paperback will follow shortly first on and then Amazon. I am hoping that this re-branding will generate new interest and can only hope I get it right this time. The text is being proof read and edited and I am waiting on artwork.

If you had previously bought The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Volume 1: Mise En Scène then don’t worry because Amazon will view it as a new book so it can be repurchased. I intend to unpublish the existing Kindle version so if you have read and reviewed it please copy your reviews across. I have tried to address views raised by the more helpful critical reviews so have included more description of the house and rooms within, more physical character description etc and corrected the incorrect punctuation. I have also made changes to the wedding and funeral scenes. I am hoping these changes will contribute to a more enjoyable reading experience for all.

Franklin and the Lynchcliffe household are a part of me; I created them and I love them so could never truly have let them go.

I will update this post with Kindle and paperback links when I get them.

All the new editions will be reissued under my Dragonfly Press banner.



2 Responses to Lynchcliffe brand re-launch

  1. Marj says:

    Good luck with the rewrites and re-branding. The series always had potential.

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