Lynchcliffe Exclusive

This is a steamy scene exclusive to the Lynchcliffe blog.

WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL. NOT TO BE READ BY PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. I accept no responsibility for offence caused as I believe the warning is more than adequate.


It was a cold January evening. Franklin shivered as he put a couple more logs on the fire. The children were in bed. Franklin sat back on the sofa after pouring himself a glass of red wine.

Margaret entered the room; which was lit only by the fire and a few candles. Franklin’s breath caught in his throat. His wife wore a clingy dress of red satin which rode up her leg as she walked, exposing a shapely ankle and calf. He was acutely aware of a stirring in his loins as he caught a whiff of the perfume he had bought her for Christmas.

“Tha looks beautiful.” He gasped.

“You look pretty gorgeous yourself.” She purred.

She went and sat astride him; her dress exposing a shapely thigh. She put her arms around his neck and felt a shiver run down her back as she looked deep into his eyes.  He tangled his fingers in her hair.

She kissed him hard; her mouth cleaved to his as her tongue explored him. He caressed her back and buttocks, pulling her close to him so she was aware of his mounting desire.

“I love it when tha seduces me.”  He murmured.

“Good.” She whispered as her mouth explored his throat and jaw.

She began to unbutton his shirt; running her hands across his well-defined chest muscles. She licked her fingers and rubbed the tips over his nipples which were erect as her own. She inhaled his cologne; his exotic masculine aroma. She intended to really spoil him that evening as her senses were aroused by how much she wanted him.

Franklin removed his shirt and a shiver ran down her back as she beheld his naked torso.

“Margaret.” His voice was throaty, his accent thickened by passion.

“Sssh!” She whispered pressing her mouth to his; to draw him into a hungry, greedy kiss to which he responded with every nerve and sinew of his being.

She got off his lap and knelt at his feet, pushing his legs apart with her strong hands. She unbuttoned his trousers and drew them down around his ankles deftly freeing his stiffness from his underpants. Her dress followed and her firm breasts brushed his knees.

She took him in her mouth, greedily licking and sucking as she took as much of him as she could; pleasuring him until shivers ran through his body and low groans emanated from the back of his throat. She continued to pleasure him until her back ached; her mouth and hand working him harder and faster until he ejaculated in her mouth. Her sex was dripping wet and her breasts ached to feel his mouth.

“My turn to pleasure tha now.” He whispered. “Lie down.”

“I love it when you tell me what to do, Lewis.”

She lay on the soft carpet as he crouched over her; pleasuring her succulent breasts with his hard sensual mouth; whipping her into a frenzy of white hot desire. She dug her nails into his naked back and raked as he cried out.

“I love it when tha does that.”

His lips and tongue continued to caress her nipples.He moved down her body, teasing her navel with his mouth while his slender fingers slipped between her legs, milking her clitoris and stroking her velvety sex.

“Lew-is” She moaned softly.

He began to pleasure her sex with his mouth, his tongue drinking her honey sweetness. He broke out in a thin film of sweat as he felt himself harden; desire coursed through his veins as his hand caressed her thigh. Even after so long he still found it hard to believe that she was exclusively his although he knew every inch of her body, how she liked to be touched and kissed.

She convulsed with desire as his mouth brought her to a succession of shuddering climaxes ; fluid ran down her legs soaking her sex and inner thighs.

“Take me, Lewis.” She whispered her voice hoarse.

He slipped inside her, riding her hard. As she drew him into a deep kiss she wrapped her legs around him and raised her bottom slightly to meet his thrust. They were saturated with sweat. She began to push up against him harder and faster until they reached a mutual climax; his seed gushing into her and trickled down her legs.

They lay in each other’s arms for a while; not speaking just being.

“Tha makes my dreams come true every day.” He whispered at last.

“It’s a pleasure, Lewis, and the feeling is entirely mutual.”

Margaret nestled close to her husband’s warm body; resting her head on his chest. He stroked her back and tousled her dark hair.

“I love you.” She whispered.

“I love tha too.”

“I remember our first night together.” She whispered. “I can’t believe now how nervous I was then.”

“I was nervous too.” He murmured as he nuzzled her neck. “I knew I had to make it so special that tha would never need another man for as long as tha lived. I can’t forget what tha said afterwards either.”

“What did I say?” She teased, although she remembered with crystal clarity.

“Tha said ‘This is the first night of forever for us, Lewis.’ I thought that was so romantic and I have never forgotten it.”

She kissed him as they lay naked by the fire and shared a glass of wine.  They lay quietly for a time before gathering up their clothes, blowing out the candles and heading upstairs to their room.


4 Responses to Lynchcliffe Exclusive

  1. tricia says:

    Oh, my. I think my laptop is on fire! That is certainly a steamy, passionate scene, made all the more romantic because it is between two married, devoted people. Well done!

  2. Very well written piece there Mel, steamy but not dirty, well I don’t think it is anyway, lol.

    • lynchcliffe says:

      Thank you very much. No I don’t think it is dirty either. Unfortunately there are a lot of sad prudes out there who can’t cope with this sort of thing. I mean how on earth do they think they got here if people didn’t have sex?

  3. Ron A Sewell says:

    All pretty straight forward. Nothing I’d get upset about. If the storyline needs it why not. Unfortunately the sex scenes I’ve attempted to write are rubbish so I leave what may or might happen to the readers imagination.

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