Lynchcliffe Medics

The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo series has a number of good doctors. Here is the lowdown on them and their role in the series.


(Divided Loyalties) Dr Michael Rycroft was the local doctor to Lynchcliffe Park from 1855 til his tragic death in 1884.  He was almost 6ft tall and very handsome. He was also the father to Helena (later Lady Lynchcliffe) and her sister Celia who became Lady Trevelyan. Dr Rycroft was immensely popular and very much loved in the community so Lord Jeremiah Lynchcliffe gave permission for him to be buried at Lynchcliffe Park along with his wife, Sarah, who died in the same tragic accident that killed him.

DR JAMES PARGETER. (Divided Loyalties)

Dr Pargeter became the local doctor following Dr Rycroft’s death. He and his wife, Florence, came to settle in the community and became close friends to Helena.  Dr Pargeter died of pneumonia in 1904.  The Pargeter’s had no children as Florence had had an illegal botched abortion after a dalliance with a man who turned out to be married. Florence collapsd in the street and he rescued her, gave her  a home and  a job and they later married. Florence came to stay to offer Helena moral support after Michael Lynchcliffe went to war in The Enemy Within.

DR HAMISH GEORGE. (Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Vols 1 & 2)

Educated at medical school in Edinburgh despite being an Aberdonian, Hamish came south and responded to an advert for a local doctor following James Pargeter’s death.   Hamish befriended Lord Marcus Lynchcliffe and his wife, Helena and nursed a deep love for her for ten long years. Hamish was upset by Marcus’ death in Vol 1 and remained to support his family. Helena finally  realised she was in love with him and they married in July 1915.  Hamish delivered Margaret Franklin’s children, Lewis and Catherine as well as Helena’s grandchildren Andrew and Celia. Hamish helped Lord Michael Lynchcliffe deal with his shellshock and helped him get out of future military service.

DR FRANCIS MERRIFIELD. (The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Vol 1)

Not strictly a Lynchcliffe medic as he was based in Cornwall but important to the story as he delivered Margaret Frazer (later Trevelyan and later Franklin) and saw Margaret’s mother die.  In 1891 Merrifield was relatively young and inexperienced and the death of Margaret’s mother affected him for life.

Merrifield came to Lynchcliffe Park in 1912 and let slip something which tantalised Margaret concerning her past but he died of a heart attack the following day before explaining herself. Dr Merrifield was unmarried.


One Response to Lynchcliffe Medics

  1. lynchcliffe says:

    I think I would like Dr George’s bedside manner especially with that Scots accent. The scene in Vol 2 where he gets together with Helena is one of my favourites as it is very sexy.

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