Lynchcliffe Prequels Trilogy

I am working on a series of prequel novels concentrating on the main characters prior to The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Vol 1.

DIVIDED LOYALTIES : Lady Lynchcliffe’s Story

This is the story of Celia & Helena; of their childhood, the relationship they have with each other, their parents and the men they marry. A tale of love, forguiveness and sibling rivalry centred around Celia’s reaction to a painful episode in her past.

You can buy Divided Loyalties : Lady Lynchcliffe’s Story on Kindle.

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EYE OF THE STORM: Lewis Franklin’s Story

This is the story of Lewis Franklin from the age of 12 (1874) to 1910. Find out about his family tragedy and his first loves as he prepares to set out on his life’s journey. You can read the whole story on Kindle.


This is the story of sexy Scots medic Dr Hamish George; his early life, his tragic loss which  influences his decision to study medicine. It details how he falls in love with Lady Helena Lynchcliffe and the friendship he shares with her and her husband Lord Marcus Lynchcliffe.

Read first chapter at Night Reading

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One Response to Lynchcliffe Prequels Trilogy

  1. I’m so excited about all these new books. After reading The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Volume One, I couldn’t get enough of the characters. Thank you for writing more. I hope you can keep up with my unquenchable thirst for your books.

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