Lynchcliffe Series butlers

The Lynchcliffe series has a number of seemingly indispensable butlers so I thought it was time we met them all properly.


Anthony Jenkins went into Lord Jeremiah Lynchcliffe’s service after leaving school. He began as a footman but when his predecessor Hancock retired due to ill-health Jenkins stepped into the breach despite being only thirty or so at the time.

Jenkins is probably the most important butler in the series. He was born in December 1852.  He, along with Irene Lambert, discovered Lord Marcus Lynchcliffe’s body. He is very learned and extremely proper and strict when needs be although he has a caring and gentle nature. His bark is often far worse than his bite.  Jenkins fell in love with cook Jane Halliwell but did not declare his heart until the aftermath of a heart-attack in June 1914.

Jenkins is much respected and admired (except by devious kitchen maid Katie Thomas). He and Franklin are close friends and Jenkins is very fond of Franklin’s son, Lewis.

Ideally Jenkins would be played by British actor Martin Shaw in any TV adaption of my novels.



Paul Jameson is Lord Trevelyan’s butler. He appears mainly in Divided Loyalties: Lady Lynchcliffe’s Story but also features briefly in The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Vol 1.

Jameson is well-educated and fairly strict. He never married and never seemed interested in women although he was not homosexual.

Jameson is well liked and much trusted.

I would like to see him played by Michael Kitchen (star of Foyle’s War)



Frank Lawson is butler to Sir Montagu Richmond; Franklin’s previous employer before Lord Lynchcliffe.  He features mainly in Eye of the Storm: Lewis Franklin’s Story although he also appears briefly in Divided Loyalties: Lady Lynchcliffe’s Story.

Lawson is extremely moral and strict although he can be compassionate when he chooses.

Lawson would ideally be played by actor Terence Hardiman who stars as Prior Robert in the TV adaptations of Ellis Peters’ Cadfael books as well as numerous other roles.



Stephen Hopkins was butler to the late unlamented Sir Cecil Everett. He was a quiet unassuming man and was deeply shocked by his master’s unexpected suicide and the revelation of Sir Cecil’s predilections.

Very little is known about Hopkins as he kept to himself and had no family or spouse. He appears only in Eye of the Storm: Lewis Franklin’s Story.

I would like to see Hopkins played by James Bolam (Only when I laugh, the Onedin Line, The Likely Lads, and New Tricks among other series.)


One Response to Lynchcliffe Series butlers

  1. tricia says:

    Very informative post, Mel. I’m always happy to read your character descriptions and interviews. It’s always nice to get some additional insight into the characters and love to be able to put a face with the characters. Keep ’em coming!

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