Reviving Lynchcliffe

To my absolute horror i realised today that I have not sold any Lynchcliffe titles for over a month. While I have not been tweeting/blogging/sharing in excess – okay hardly at all – I don’t understand those people who claim to sell without using social media.

So now is time to revive interest. The Lynchcliffe Chronicles is a historical very adult romantic trilogy set between 1912 and 1920. It tells the story of a household who together endure the turbulent events of the early twentieth century; namely the sinking of RMS Titanic, the Great War and the Spanish flu pandemic while overcoming tragedies and problems in their own lives and relationships. These problems include bereavement, estrangement, cross class romance and marital infidelity amongst other adult themes.

The books can be downloaded from Amazon.

Vol 1- ancestry

Enemy - ancestry

Vol3 Kindle


I made the big mistake of using up the last of my free promo dates on all books the same day some time ago but new KDP terms will start soon. I will be more careful this time although I am beginning to doubt the value of free days since the volume of downloads rarely translate into sales and none of my books ever seem to rise above 200,000 in rankings.

Just to remind you what the Lynchcliffe series is all about this is the blurb for the collective trilogy.

It began with the tragic death of a new mother in autumn 1891 and led to passion and discovery following the tragedy of RMS Titanic.  Then a murder threatens to destroy the stability of the noble Lynchcliffe household as the family and their faithful servants struggle to come to terms with the permanence of the changes it brings.

The outbreak of the First World War leads to more heart-break, new love and the devastation of the wars effects on individuals as well as those whom they love. Loyalty, love and friendship is forced to stand against the devastation wrought by marital infidelity and death.

The war ends and leaves the characters in a position to finally leave their own pasts behind them as more secrets are revealed bringing hope and despair in equal measure. The Spanish Flu pandemic makes its own mark on the household but out of it comes hope and reconciliation.

Now for the first time a collective edition of the Lynchcliffe Chronicles trilogy exploring the delights of passion, loyalty and friendship as well as the darker side of humanity brought about by betrayal grief and the true resilience of the human spirit; the heights to which it can soar as well as the unfathomable depths to which it can sink.

There is also my favourite and some have said this is the best book I have written. Eye of the Storm: Lewis Franklin’s Story tells the story of the working class hero from Scarborough who has endured great tragedy and loss in his journey through life during which love has so far eluded him.

When his father and brother drown at sea, nineteen-year-old Lewis Franklin is forced to grow up fast as he faces the new challenges and responsibilities of looking after his widowed mother, Anna, sister in law, Alice, and infant nephew, Daniel.

In London, Lewis befriends retired merchant sea-man, Abraham “Abe” Fleming, and the two men forge a bond of friendship that matures through the years much as Lewis becomes a hero to his nephew, Daniel, as the boy grows to manhood. Lewis is forced to learn some of life’s harsher lessons, yet retains his dignity and spirit throughout.

This is a tale of the enduring friendship between men and women as they suffer loss, discover dark secrets and survive the harsh realities of life in the late Victorian era.

Lewis Franklin is the hero of the popular Lynchcliffe Chronicles series and this story answers unasked questions about his life pre Lynchcliffe Park and what made him the man he became in his search for an elusive all-consuming passionate love affair.



I must confess that I have been too busy with fan fiction of late. I write stories about Downton Abbey and Wild at Heart which I love but I sadly can’t make money from them.

But I need to dust off those Lynchcliffe WIPs and see if I can salvage something because I’ve been through too much for them to be wasted. My characters would never forgive me if I abandoned them totally but just because I have not been writing about them for a while does not mean I haven’t thought about them. They are friends and kind of extensions of myself.

If you have never picked up a Lynchcliffe book before then I hope that you will do so. Please be aware that they are not suitable for persons under 18 owing to explicit adult material. Each book on Amazon carries an adult content warning so I accept absolutely no responsibility for people under age reading them.

Relax and enjoy the journey back through time and hopefully when you close the book you will have made new friends too.





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  1. I wish you the best of luck, Mel. I’m hoping you’ll gain a new fan-base and that Lynchcliffe will find new friends.

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