The characters



 LORD MARCUS LYNCHCLIFFE is in his fifties. A benevolent master but has a temper when roused. He inherited his title and Lynchcliffe Park following the death of his father Jeremiah Lynchcliffe.

LADY HELENA LYNCHCLIFFE is in her forties. Many have been fooled by her quiet delicate appearance. She has a strong sense of injustice. She is intelligent,compassionate and benevolent as well asbeing deeply in love with her husband

MICHAEL LYNCHCLIFFE is in his twenties. He is arrogant and cocksure young man who is unable or unwilling to learn that actions have consequences. He is constantly in debt and has no real sense of responsibility and is therefore a constant worry to
his parents. When his father dies Michael is forced to grow up fast.

 SARAH LYNCHCLIFFE is Lord Lynchcliffe’s daughter. Just eighteen Sarah is beginning to develop a political and social conscience that threatens trouble for her parents.

MARGARET TREVELYAN is the cuckoo in the nest. She was raised by Lady Lynchcliffe’s sister and her husband but is in reality the daughter of Trevelyan’s estate manager Her mother died of childbed fever and as the Trevelyans had no children of their
own her father gave her up so that she might have a better life.

ANTHONY JENKINS is Lord Lynchcliffe’s butler who has served two generations. He is a stalwart and very hot on discipline and knowing one’s place. Rarely shows emotion but has a secret longing for his colleague Jane Halliwell

LEWIS FRANKLIN is the Lynchcliffe’s chauffeur. A quiet unassuming man and loyal to the family he serves. He has a well defined personal integrity and sense of
justice. More charismatic than handsome he falls in love with Margaret but
senses that she will be forever beyond his reach.

MRS JANE HALLIWELL has been the cook cum Housekeeper at Lynchcliffe Park since the death of her husband twenty years before. She is a stout woman in her fifties. Shows
little emotion and is deeply religious

IRENE LAMBERT  is Margaret’s maid and closest friend. She is in her twenties, very sharp and shrewd. She is the eldest daughter of the Mrs Lambert who was present at Margaret’s birth. So she knows the truth. When below stairs she acts half witted so that she can overhear things that the other servants think she will not grasp and relay them
to her mistress. It is this ability of Irene’s that alerts her to plots laid
against Franklin so that they can be foiled. .

KATIE THOMAS is a spiteful kitchen maid in her thirties. She had designs on Franklin’s
nephew Daniel , who later died  on the Titanic, but Franklin warned him off and she has never forgiven him. Katie is determined to make Franklin’s life as difficult as possible but her preoccupation with her vendetta proves to be her final undoing.

DONALD THOMPSON is the footman & Lord Lynchcliffe‘s valet. He has a nasty nature
and is often in cahoots with Katie to make people‘s lives unpleasant. He is the unwilling accomplice in murder  a crime for which he intends Franklin will take the
rap but things backfire leaving him at the end of the rope.

SALLY SUTTON is Helena Lynchcliffe’s maid. A plain uninteresting girl who rarely
expresses emotion or opinions but nonetheless takes everything in.

Dr FRANCIS MERRIFIELD is the local doctor. He was present at Margaret’s birth and when, years later, he dines at Lynchcliffe Park he drops veiled hints to Margaret about her
true identity but dies of a heart attack before he can tell her more.

THOMAS FRAZER is Margaret’s natural father. After the death of his wife he gave her to the childless Trevelyan’s in order that she might have a better chance in life.
He saw her frequently while she grew up on the estate but after the Trevelyan’s
deaths he returned to seek work in hhis native Yorkshire.

DETECTIVE SERGEANT JOHN FLAGG is Bolton’s second in command. He is through efficient and imaginative. He catches Sarah’s eye from day one

INSPECTOR DAVID BOLTON is called in from Scptland Yard to investigate the murder of Lord Lynchcliffe. He is a quiet fairly unimaginative man  but he
knows straight away that Franklin is not guilty and managers to finger Donald
for the crime after Jenkins tells him about Donald’s comment about Lord
Lynchcliffe being stabbed (which he could not have known about as the study was
locked from the time the body was discovered until Bolton requested access.

VISCOUNT PIERS SAXHILL is a friend of Michael Lynchcliffe’s amd is one of several young men invited down for the weekend to try and divert Margaret’s attention from Franklin but Saxhill has his own private agenda and shameful past.

MARY JACKSON is Katie’s friend who is put up to making a false rape allegation
against Franklin but there are gaping holes in her story from the start

LORD GEORGE TREVELYAN  is Margaret’s adoptive father.
His family goes back to Norman times but dies out when he perishes on the RMS

LADY CELIA TREVELYAN is Margaret’s adoptive mother who also perishes on the Titanic

MRS LAMBERT is a robust mother of seven from the Trevelyan estate who is in the
vicinity of Margaret’s birth. She is Irene’s mother.

DR HAMISH GEORGE  is Lord Lynchcliffe’s doctor who is called in to certify Merrifield’s death. He is a Scotsman in his late fifties,  and very attractive. Dr Georgwe has a background role in Vol 1 but his presence becomes more prevalent from Vol 2 onwards

AMBER MASON  is Katie’s replacement as kitchen maid. She is as quiet and hard working as Katie was mouthy and lazy.

.REV SEPTIMUS TRENT is the long standing vicar of St George’s church near Trevelyan Towers where Margaret’s mother, Catherine, is buried. He meets Margaret when Franklin takes her and Frazer to see her mother’s grave. Trent buried Catherine Frazer and he knows that Margaret was adopted. Trent officiates at Margaret &
Franklin’s wedding.

REV JOHN DYER is the local vicar to Lynchcliffe Park


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