Titanic Week

Almost one hundred years ago the doomed White Star Line vessel RMS Titanic left Southampton Docks for her maiden trip to New York.

This major historical event is a backdrop for The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo series so I would be failing in my duty if I did not do a Titanic page on my blog.

I was struck by something that a friend across the Pond said recently; that she heard on a radio show that a lot of kids don’t realise that the Titanic was a major historical vent as they think only of the movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslett. Quite what is taught in history these days is unsure but it is proof educational standards are in severe decline.

The heroine of The Lynchcliffe series loses her adoptive parents on the ship and our hero, Lewis Franklin, loses his nephew, Daniel. Lady Helena Lynchcliffe loses her sister. Far too many people died.

Tricia Drammeh is intending to promote my Titanic related works all week as well as running excerpts and general information. She has faithfully read every word of the series and I am very grateful to her interests in promotion efforts.

To read Tricia Drammeh’s original interview with me visit


Titanic Week Face book event (hosted by Tricia Drammeh)


Titanic Centenary Giveaway Face book event


Titanic week forum discussion – feel free to join in at any time


This is the official list of those who did not make it


Encyclopaedia Titanica is a mine of useful information.


Revelations, A Short story for Titanic week by Ron A Sewell


I will be adding links to Tricia’s blog throughout the week so keep checking them out.

Titanic Week Day one          http://www.authorstowatch.triciadrammeh.com/2012/04/titanic-week-interview-with-melanie.html

Titanic Week Day two


Titanic week – Day Three


Titanic week – Day Four


Titanic week  – Day Five


Titanic week  Day Six




6 Responses to Titanic Week

  1. gerrymccullough says:

    Fascinating stuff, Mel. Love your book covers, by the way.

    • lynchcliffe says:

      Hi Gerry. Thanks for your continued support of this event. Credit for the covers belongs e xzclusively to Jacoba. I just supplied images and she made them.

  2. John Holt says:

    Tried the link to Tricia interview with you … it didn’t work.
    Apart from that blip a good blog. well done.

  3. Is that really the Titanic in the picture Mel?
    It looks more like the Lusitania to me… … ;-D
    Just joshing, good luck with this 😀

  4. lynchcliffe says:

    Lol. No it is definitely the Titanic – unless Google image search have made a mistake and I don’t thiink that is likely.
    Thank you for your support. You might like to check out the other Titanic week events going on on FB and all around.

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