The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Vol 2 The Enemy Within

WARNING. This book is not suitable for children or young
adults. It contains scenes of a sexual nature and deals with adult themes such
as marital infidelity, psychological and physical effects of shellshock and
first sexual encounters following widowhood. Please do not claim that you
weren’t warned.


Forget Kaiser Wilhelm!

Sometimes the deadliest enemythat a man has to face is himself.

Set just before and during
WW1 The Enemy Within is the second volume in The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo trilogy.

Sarah Lynchcliffe’s wedding day is disrupted when Jenkins the butler falls ill.

Europe is on the brink of war.

Margaret & Lewis Franklin remain happily married. Their son, Lewis, is now fifteen months old and Margaret is six months pregnant with Franklin’s second child.

War is declared.

Fearful for her son’s safety,Lady Helena Lynchcliffe falls into a depression and Dr Hamish George offers her comfort.

1915. Captain Michael Lynchcliffe returns from the Western Front devastated by shellshock.

A chance encounter with disgraced former friend, Piers Saxhill, causes Michael to confront unpleasant truths in his already shattered mind.

Michael returns home to his sweetheart, Irene; pregnant owing to a night of passion on Michael’s last leave. Irene is glad to have Michael home but can she, and Helena, cope with the irrevocable changes in the man and son they love?

The Enemy Within is a tale of warfare, passion, loyalty and test of friendship that will move even the hardest heart.

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