The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Vol 3 Making Peace with the Past

The third volume in this series is to be set after the First World War ends.

The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Vol 3: Making Peace with the Past

This is a work in progress. It seeks to resolve character issues and tie up loose ends in order to bring the trilogy to a satisfactory end.

Will Margaret’s father, Thomas Frazer, finally be able to lay his late wife’s memory to rest in order to find new love?

Will Lady Helena Lynchcliffe finally find peace regarding her falling-out with her late sister, Lady Celia Trevelyan?

Will Lord Michael Lynchcliffe finally be able to find peace following his war-time experience?

Will Sarah Lynchcliffe’s new husband, Charles Byfleet, be able to resolve the volatile situation he left behind in New York concerning his mother and daughter?

Will Lewis Franklin finally be able to tell Margaret about his past?

Who will get sick and who will die in the Spanish flu pandemic?

This book touches partly, although not exclusively, on events in the Lynchcliffe Prequels trilogy. I have the trilogy ending planned; I just need to find my way there.

The epilogue will detail what happened to the characters we know and love after the series ends.

The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Vol 3: Making peace with the past is now available on Kindle.

FREE on Friday 6th April 08.00 GMT – Saturday 7 April 2012 08.00 GMT


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