What’s your idea of a romantic hero?


We women are pretty diverse in our tastes in men; whether we are talking about our favourite TV characters, book characters or the real-life men who share our homes, lives and beds.

When it comes to the romantic heroes of literature our tastes are once again divided. Some of us seek the dark brooding Heathcliff types while others are drawn to the Rhett Butlers and Father Ralph de Bricassarts of the world in print. (Father Ralph being of course the apparently unattainable man, the priest from Colleen McCullough’s The Thorn Birds.)

I was drawn as a teenager to Heathcliff and later to the enigmatic mage Raistlin Majere from the Dragon Lance series. But now I am drawn totally to my own Victorian and Edwardian hero; Lewis Franklin.

Lewis Franklin has proved incredibly popular among Lynchcliffe series readers and I don’t find it hard to see why. Franklin is handsome, modest and compassionate. He champions the underdog and stands up for the oppressed and to see people exploited or hurt inflames his temper. He finds it hard to see himself as something special yet many characters – especially young men -admire and idolise him as the kind of man they want to be.
On the other hand he is protective of his wife and children as well as being unfailingly loyal to the masters he serves and the people he cares about.

He is a considerate husband and father, a fantastic lover and true friend. He also rarely suffers fools gladly. He is intuitive, perceptive and highly intelligent yet content with his lot of life.

Still waters run deep though for it is not until the third volume of the Lynchcliffe Cuckoo trilogy that he truly begins to open up to his wife, Margaret, about his past. He has never been involved in scandal but he has deep seated pain rooted in the past owing to the loss of people whom he loved deeply.

I did not expect Franklin to turn out to be as popular as he has been but I am glad for I created him out of love.
He has his own prequel novel as well as his own Face book Fan Club group. A character “interview” with him on my blog also has proved popular.


So ladies what makes your romantic hero so special? To you as well as your readers.


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