This week’s teasers come from Chapter 1 of Divided Loyalties


“You can’t let them get away with it!” Amy said. “Suppose they take a younger girl next time? What about your sister?””

Amy helped Celia into the bath. Celia winced as she lowered herself into the water and both women’s eyes opened in shock as the water ran red with blood.

“I can’t.” Celia’s tears splashed into the water. “Don’t you understand that I can’t?”

“How can I tell my father what some rough men did to his little girl?” Celia sobbed. “He would hunt them down and kill them only ending up on a rope for his trouble. It is better I spare him that.”

Celia washed herself as best she could, scrubbing every inch of her body in an attempt to remove the stain she felt had been cast on her purity but much as she could wash her body she could not wash her soul.

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Divided Loyalties is volume 1 in the Lynchcliffe Prequels trilogy which recounts the lives of characters prior to the events in The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Vol 1

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