WOW – Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm is the life story of the Lynchcliffe Cuckoo series hero Lewis Franklin. It takes us from 1874 through to 1912 detailing Ffranklin’s development and the challenges he faces after his father and brother drown when he is nineteen through to his early love affairs friendships and employment right through until the moment when he finally meets the woman who will become the love of his life and his grand passion.

I am having trouble uploading the book cover design so watch this space.

Eye of the Storm is a complete novel currently undergoing final edits and changes prior to publication on Kindle

Here are a few teasers from the prologue of Eye of the Storm.

“She was brave.” Lewis said. “She was my sister and I miss her a lot.”

Lewis was a popular boy and had many friends. He was tall for his age and lean with a good muscle tone which, along with his fair hair and blue grey eyes, made him the darling of many

When Lewis was sixteen he met an older girl named Dawn at a village dance and was instantly smitten but Dawn seemed impervious to Lewis youthful hopes and immune to his sensibilities

David could never know that his younger brother despite many dalliances with women who found him handsome and charming would wait until the late age of fifty before taking the plunge into matrimonial waters with a young heiress who was not even born at the time of this conversation

Lewis Franklin had no idea then just what role that knife would play in his future.

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