Write on Wednesdays1

This week’s teasers come from chapter 1.

“I am calling you concerning your niece.” Shaw went on. Helena almost dropped the receiver.

“Supposing my husband does not like the idea?” Helena asked. “Then what will happen to Margaret?”

“You want me to give house room to a niece I didn’t even know existed until just now?” He was riled.

“I said goodbye to Celia a long time ago Marcus but you’re right. It does hurt that we never made our peace so that our children could know their aunt.”

“Well, I hope she hasn’t inherited her sense of moral outrage.” Helena said. “Celia certainly over-reacted, Marcus. To this day I never will know where on earth she got that ridiculous notion that Jeremiah had impure intentions towards me.”

“Franklin lost his nephew on the Titanic.” Marcus said. “I was talking to him just now. He’s pretty calm but you know what Franklin’s like. He’s so very calm about everything.“

I recently read this on my Kindle and it struck me just how proud  I am of my work and the more people who love it the better.





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One Response to Write on Wednesdays1

  1. Thanks so much for participating in Write On Wednesdays.
    I look forward to reading “The Lynchcliffe Cuckoo Vol 1” when it’s released.
    Perhaps next week you would like to share the ‘teaser’ sentences from a random page in your book to help entice more folks along.

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